*Creative dance

Rules :

(1) Maximum 10 participants allowed per team. The team may consist of all boys, all girls or a mixture of both.
(2) The number of accompanists permissible is three.
(3) The dance can be either primitive,western,classical or a folk.
(4) Duration of dance should not be more than 6 minutes for a group dance and 4 minutes for solo dance.
(5) Time for sets/ Instruments setting is maximum of 3 minutes.
*** Classical Dance (Indian) ***
(1) The classical dance can be from any of the approved schools of dance. Such as Kathak, Kathakali, Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Mohinittam, Odissi, etc.
(2) Participant will be allowed up to 15 minutes including time for preparation. Maximum three accompanists are permissible.

© Creative Dance
*Participant will be allowed up to 10 minutes, including preparationtime. Maximum three accompanists are permissible.
*The participating team will be responsible for removal of their sets / properties, etc. immediately after the completion of their performance.
* Judgment will be based on the qualities like Taal, Formation,Technique, Rhythm, Innovation, Abhinaya or Expression, Costumes, Footwork and general impression,sets on overall effect, etc.


*Group song
*solo song

Singing rules:

(1) Each team has to present two songs.
(2) Maximum 4 singers in a group.
(3) The group songs should be taken from Indian songs which can be in regional language.
(4) Maximum time allowed for the solo song is 4 minutes.Minimum time limit is 2 minutes.
(5) Maximum time allowed for the group song is 6 minutes which does not include setting time. The setting time for a group shall not exceed 4 minutes.
(6) Judging of these items will be on the basis of quality of singing only and not on make-up, costumes and actions of the team.

Note: Vulgarative songs are STRICTLY not ALLOWED.


Represent all of the following themes:
*Round 1-Traditional(Ethnic ware with proper Make over)
*Round 2-Old is Gold(Traditional wearfollows 80s dress with proper Makeover...)
*Round 3-Western (Trendy look,with proper Makeover...)
*Round 4- Show-off (unique style of dressing-Participants choicewith proper Makeover)
*******Judgment will be based on Answering the Questions asked by Jury Dressing,Makeover,Walking style,Representation,Performance, etc.) *******


Instructions to the Candidate:

1. The Photography Contest is only open to the students of various colleges.
2. A team entry of only one student with min. 1 and max 3 photographs are allowed. For each team member proof of student status must be provided.
3. The Photographer must be the author of the pictures submitted in his/ her name.
4. Picture must meet the following specifications:
 Upload images with the original pixel size (Unless cropped). Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
 Must be uploaded in JPEG format with high quality compression.
5. Participants must provide raw file(s) as recorded by the camera for all images that proceed to the final stages of the contest. These file(s) will be requested and studied confidentially. Failure to provide these files when requested will lead to the exclusion of the entry.
6. Hard copy in A4 size of Color Photograph must be submitted on the first day of event.
7. All pictures must have accurate captions, written in English only.
8. Only single exposure and single frame pictures will be accepted.
9. The following are not accepted:
 Multiple exposures, polyptychs (diptychs, triptychs, and so forth).
 Stitched panoramas, either produced in-camera or with image editing software.
10. The Day 21 February 2019 is the dead line for submission of soft copies to the Email ID:

Judgment Criteria:

The Photographs are judged by Professional Travel Photographer Mr. Bobz, Hyderabad.



1. Candidate can display maximum of 2 models.
2. Models must be handmade.
3. Material will not be provided by institute.
4. Models should reflect theme properly.



Images / drawing will be displayed and the participants need to write up a caption/idea/opinion in a creative way.


* Completing in time
* Be relevant and expressive
* Using English/Telugu language


It will be conducted in three rounds

Round 1: Total 10 images will be shown, and each will be displayed for 5 minutes. The participants are required to add a caption in the allotted time.

Round 2: The participants should write more than five key points to the image shown for 10 minutes.

Criteria for selection: Grammar/punctuation/ spelling, word choice, idea, and relevancy will be counted

Main Co-Ordinator:

Ch.Anvitha (17K61A1212)

Helper / Communicator:

N. Bhavya Sree (17K61A1245)
K.Shamshith Krishna(16K61A1223)


Rules :

1)participants should bring their own musical instruments.
2)time limit for each performance will be not more than 5 minutes.
3)prizes will be given for the first two winners.
4)teams are allowed (for Miming).
5)screening will be done for selection.
6)no spot registration.

Short Film

Registration Process:

• There is no limit for number of team members.
• Send team details (Name of the Short Film, College Name, Branch, Phone Number) to
• Mention subject line for E-mail: ——
• Registration fee is 100/- per team.


    • CE : P.Seshu Babu -8688183232
    • EEE : M P Pratap -9492678395
    • ME : B.Kiran Kumar -9701187001
    • ECE : SNVP Ravi Teja -7661040007
    • CSE : M Manoj -7730907777
    • IT : S Phani Kumar -9640879111
    • MS : R Rangababu -7207307342
    • AS & H: A Ramesh Babu -9398872526
    • Diploma: N Rama Surya Rao-9849745568
    • Culturals: G Nageswara Rao -8096900006
    • Sports: P S Shekar -8099119652